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    Residential Artificial Grass Pros of Albuquerque

    Artificial Grass Pros of Albuquerque fake grass will provide you with the perfect residential lawn you have dreamed of. In addition, the upkeep is minimal compared to the traditional yards, as you will never mow or wet the grass again.

    tropical garden with artificial grass turf and wooden deck in backyard

    Hence, you get waterless low-maintenance solutions with beauty functioning like natural grass. In addition, we provide all with only high-quality advanced residential artificial grass. The products we use are the most advanced in the country. Furthermore, we offer solutions that come with synthetic grass lawns.

    The fake grass comes with a low sheen luster fiber giving it a realistic look. In addition, the blades are engineered with durability to softness, making them feel real. Hence, you have grass with multi-directional movement.

    This helps make the grass resilient, and the reflective technology also helps reduce surface temperatures. Furthermore, synthetic grass has UV protection without harmful content, preventing it from drying or cracking and fading in the sun.

    Lastly, you get a durable backing system that does not wrinkle and provides rapid water drainage. Even the blades remain upright as they are manufactured with different shapes and come with multi-directional movement.


    Whether you have kids or pets, they deserve a safe lawn to enjoy themselves. With a synthetic lawn installation from Artificial Grass Pros of Albuquerque, you need not face different challenges in the yard regarding your pets.

    There is no digging of holes, muddy paw prints in the living space, and dead spots that prevent grass from growing. You can maintain natural landscaping with fake grass for your dogs. The best part is that your dogs and kids remain safe without using harmful fertilizers. The synthetic turf can handle heavy traffic with the reinforced backing and has a realistic look. Your children and pets will experience soft grass, and our products are lead-free without leaving odor behind.

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    “The pet run installed by Artificial Grass Pros works like a dream for our pets. They play and lay on it and when it is time to do number one and two cleaning is a breeze.”

    Create an eco-friendlier place that is stress-free to upkeep with an artificial lawn!

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